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Welcome to 9Jatheway where we offer a unique eating experience that happens in a different way.

Living in East London

Are you looking for something different to eat. We offer only the best ingredients in all our meals all our ingredients are fresh and tasty.

About Us


We are a family owned and operated food service and poultry farming business.

We cook delicious Nigerian delicacies like jollof rice and Egusi soup with fresh local ingredients, and are packed with technology designed to reduce oxidation process, to ensure a fresh taste at every serve. We presently deliver within East London only. You can place one time order or you may subscribe to any number of our sides or meats, and we will deliver based on your preferences.

Why us?

Our food is always fresh and tasty

We deliver to your door

Big servings

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Awesome food and great service will definately recommend to everyone
Jerry Freeman
Huge servings great value for money. Fast delivery as well as great tasting food.
Anthony Martin

Some of our customers favourite meals




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